Themegarden超酷wordpress主题-Shaken Grid


Shaken Grid是来自Themegarden得一款wordpress主题,该主题功能很强大的,看上去也是很大气

As its name implies, Shaken Grid is a unique theme with a fluid grid layout that takes full advantage of the latest web technologies (jQuery, CSS3, and HTML5). If you resize your browser window, the grid elements will realign themselves to fit within the newly sized window and dynamically position themselves in most optimum position. This theme is perfect for anyone in need of a gallery/portfolio, or if you just want a unique layout for your blog posts.
Easily Customizable and Packed With Features

With Shaken Grid’s built-in theme options panel you are able to upload your own logo, customize the look and feel of your site without touching any code, and many more possibilities. This theme includes: 4 unique page templates, 8 color schemes (with the ability to customize these farther), 4 different grid box size options, video support, social networking options built-in, 8 custom widgets (Flickr, Twitter, Popular posts, Category Posts, Share Buttons, Testimonials, Related Posts, Simple Ads), and much more!

正如其名,Shaken Grid是一个流体网格布局,利用了最新的网络技术(jQuery的,CSS3中,和HTML5)充分利用独特的主题。如果您调整您的浏览器窗口,网格元素将调整自身以适应新大小的窗口的位置和动态最优化境地。这个主题是在一个画廊/组合,如果有人需要或完美的你只是想为你的博客文章独特的布局。

随着Shaken Grid的内置主题选项面板,您可以上传您自己的徽标,自定义的外观和您的网站没有碰任何代码的感觉,还有更多的可能性。这个主题包括:4个独特的网页模板,8色计划(定制的能力,这些更远),4个不同的网格框尺寸选择视频支持社会网络选择内置8 个自定义工具(Flickr, Twitter, Popular posts, Category Posts, Share Buttons, Testimonials, Related Posts, Simple Ads),以及更多!

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